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About Journey Chicago

Journey Chicago is one of the signature public programs of the Chicago Cultural Alliance (CCA). It is an annual month-long festival of cross-cultural events at neighborhood and suburban cultural heritage institutions, all Members of the CCA. It is the first and only festival of its kind, dedicated to creating dialogues across cultures and promoting community understanding through collaborative events.

The mission of Journey Chicago is to:

  • Create cross-cultural dialogue among Chicago’s diverse communities through public programs.

  • Invite all Chicagoans to venture out into Chicago’s many vibrant neighborhoods to make meaningful connections with cultural heritage organizations.

  • Inspire neighborhood investment, active engagement, and lasting relationships within our community.

Journey Chicago was founded in 2017 as Inherit Chicago and held biennially until 2021. At that time it became an annual festival and its name was changed to Journey Chicago to reflect its invitation to all Chicagoans to journey through Chicago’s many neighborhoods and cultures.


Journey Chicago will take place in October 2022.  Events are hosted by Core and Partner Members of the Chicago Cultural Alliance and take place throughout Chicago’s neighborhoods and suburbs.

See the schedule of events here.

About the Chicago Cultural Alliance

The Chicago Cultural Alliance’s mission is to connect, promote, and support centers of cultural heritage for a more inclusive Chicago.

We are an active consortium of over 40 Chicago-area cultural heritage museums, centers, and historical societies that span 30 neighborhoods and 9 suburbs in the Chicago area and represent over 30 different cultures from around the world.

Our vision is a city where all communities have a voice, and cross-cultural dialogue and collaboration are an integral part of Chicago’s civic fabric.